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State History Bowl Regional Competition Held in Clarksburg

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Notre Dame High School in Clarksburg was the host to the Region 7 State History Bowl competition on Saturday.

This was the fourth year eighth graders from around the area competed in the regional competition held in Clarksburg.

It was a large turnout this year.

"In this years competition the teams that participated were allowed to have two teams. We had 26 teams show up today, and this has been our largest history bowl to date," said Bryan Ward, West Virginia Archives and History.

The competition tests the students' knowledge of West Virginia history. Each team has four players.

Ward explained how each round of competition works.

"There are two halves to each match. The first half is the quickest buzzer. A moderator reads the question, and the first student to buzz in gets to answer. If they get it correct they get a point, if they get it wrong the other team gets a chance to answer," Ward said.

The other half of the match is team based. A captain and the team decides on the best answer together.

The style of the tournament is double elimination. Teams have to lose twice to be out of the competition.

Some of the students said they've been preparing since last summer.

"We have worked very hard all year round," said Eden Toothman, of Fairview.

"We did chapters from our book in the summer and we worked on the cards over the summer too," said Tayler Pope, of Fairview.

They said the best part of winning would be to show what they've learned.

"I would be ecstatic just to know that I have so much knowledge about my state and letting everyone know how much I know about it," Toothman said.

Both the teams from Fairview Middle School will be advancing to the state tournament.  Fairview I won the tournament by answering 32 questions, and Fairview II took the runner up spot by answering 23 questions. 

Both will advance to the state championship in Charleston, April 30. 

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