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'Drive to Save Lives Tour' Comes to Marion County High Schools

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High school students in Marion County learned all about making good driving choices Friday.

Motivational speaker and traffic safety expert Cara Filler went to every high school in the county to share her personal story.

Filler's twin sister was killed in a car crash at 18-years-old when the driver was going three times over the speed limit at 110 miles per hour.

She witnessed the crash and saw her sister die.

In the presentation, Filler said she hoped at least one person takes something away from her story.

She said it's important to get the message across that young people are not invincible.

"It's about giving them some options so they can take care of themselves. So, more importantly, it's not about taking the fun out of the equation. It's about them all having a good time safely and there's a difference. Being young, being a teenager, is about taking risks, but there's negative risk and positive risks. And we hope as adults and community members that they take more positive risks than negative ones," Filler said.

Filler added that her hope is that no students live through the same tragic story she did.

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