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Morgantown Family Utilizes Social Media in Search for Missing Dog

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Technology has changed the way we do things everyday, and it's no different for how we look for lost pets.

For many people, telephone poles and boards at community centers, veterinary offices, and shelters are the main platforms to post pictures of lost pets. But technologies like the Internet, GPS, and microchips allow for pet owners to locate dogs like never before.

Ruger went missing from his Morgantown home on January 14. Since then, his family has used an aggressive social media campaign to help find him.

"At one time, 55,000 people a week had interaction with our page one way or another," said owner Kristen Coldsnow.

The "Help Find Ruger" Facebook page has reached people worldwide and has been tweeted by local celebrities like Kevin Jones and Stedman Bailey.

"It's a very cost effective way to put the word out," said Coldsnow. "We put $50 into social media and reached over 100,000 people. I put a couple hundred dollars in flyers, and they got rained out the next day."

Social media is just one way the search for lost pets has changed.

GPS dog collars can also let you know where your dog is around the clock, and implanted Microchips in pets can permanently link his or her owner's identity to them.

"Any vet or shelter, when a pet comes in they will scan it with their microchip scanner, and look for the microchip. Not all the time, but many times we do find pets with chips and identify their owners within hours," said Dr. Jesse Fallon of the Cheat Lake Animal Hospital.

Websites join social media in spreading the word too.

"The way we communicate through social media opens a huge number of doors to help network and find your lost pet. There are a number of web sites you can go too," said Dr. Fallon. "Similarly, social media is probably the quickest way to get the most aware that you're looking for your lost pet."

If you do find a lost pet, contact local shelters or vets, because he or she is probably missed.

"If anyone knows anything about Boxers, they know they're the most loving and loyal dogs," said owner Travis Coldsnow. "He's very loving, loves to curl up the couch with her."

Visit the Help Find Ruger Facebook page for more information on Ruger.

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