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'Democracy in Motion' Stops in Morgantown

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The Public Citizen's "Democracy in Motion" tour made its second stop in Morgantown on Monday.

Organizer Angela Barden was traveling around the state to get people to support the overturn of "Citizens United," which allows for unlimited corporate spending in elections.

The talk was held at the West Virginia University College of Law. 

Barden showed a PowerPoint explaining some of the major goals and issues, and law professor Atiba Ellis contributed his thoughts about voting rights. 

Barden said her movement impacts everyone.

"It's important because no matter your background, no matter your beliefs, we have a system where it's one person, one vote. You should at least be able to have your opinion be just as valuable no matter your background and no matter your beliefs," Barden said.  

She hopes to eventually pass a constitutional amendment overturning "Citizens United." 


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