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Optional Photo IDs to Verify Concealed Weapons Permits

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West Virginia law requires an owner's name and address on a concealed weapons permit.

Now, some sheriff's departments are looking at an optional photo ID.

Counties throughout the state have different ways to verify that gun owners have proper gun permits.

On an average day, the Upshur County Sheriff goes through about 10 to 12 applications for concealed weapons permits. Sheriff Dave Coffman said gun rights are always on people's minds.

"There's a lot of if's on where we're going in that direction, and I think majority of the people think it's necessary to have their gun to protect themselves and their family," Coffman said.

Some counties have different methods for concealed weapons permits. Either a paper certificate or a photo ID with identification characteristics and the permit on the back. Some sheriffs in the state are considering photo ID as an optional addition. Coffman believes the photo ID would helpful to verify information.

"If we can implement that certificate on the back of that, it's a lot smaller. A person can carry it in their billfold, wallet or purse. It will be there available when called upon to show it," Coffman said.

Just as photos are important on your driver's license, authorities said it should be just as important as your pistol permit.

Some law enforcement agencies feel eventually this will become state law.

"I think our lawmakers need to review this situation and I think it's something we can all benefit from."

The Associated Press said the NRA would monitor any future legislation regarding photo IDs.

It's not known if lawmakers will discuss it during this year's legislative session.

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