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Anti Meth Tracking Database Launched in West Virginia

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The National Prescursor Log Exchange is a database that works in real time and across state lines.

It's a database that many hope will fight a growing substance abuse problem.

Law enforcement in areas hard hit by meth abuse like Upshur and Randolph counties are applauding this new way of tracking sales of Pseudoephedrine, a precursor in making Meth.

"Our agency is using it, there are other agencies in the region using this, and again it is a tool and yes it does help us to see who is buying Pseudoephedrine, how often their buying, where their buying it," said Cpl Rocky Hebb, Upshur County Sheriff's Dept.

NPLEX is E-tracking system that tracks purchases or attempted purchases of cold and allergy medicines containing Pseudoephedrine. It logs all purchases with every pharmacy in West Virginia. When a customer wants to buy a particular product, a pharmacist scans their driver's license and within seconds, the sale is either approved or denied.

Law enforcement officials said this will be an effective tool in fighting drug abuse in the state.

"The system will be a great asset to law enforcement in Randolph County who faces a drug problem and a substance abuse challenge in Randolph County and other counties in the state of West Virginia. This is a national problem as well as a state, and local problem," said Sheriff Mark Brady of Randolph County.

Sheriff deputies said another tool in the fight of drug abuse is keeping your eyes open to anything that's out of the ordinary in your community.

"We need the help of the people just as much as NPLEX is a tool. The people, NPLEX are all combined together to help us to our jobs and to do it effectively," Hebb said.

Randolph County Sheriff used NPLEX to gather evidence against four suspects who were arrested for manufacturing Meth in a Elkins home.



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