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Clarksburg Art Studio Hosts First Class in New Location

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The Starving Artist opened in Clarksburg in February 2012. It recently moved to a new, bigger location.

The business offers art classes of all kinds throughout the week, and on Wednesday, it held the first class in its new building.

Paint therapy class was offered Wednesday, and co-owner Bill Leaseburg offers other classes the rest of the week.

"On Saturday afternoons we do ‘Kids Paint' where we work with kids ages six to 12. On every other Monday, we do a thing called ‘Paint Your Pet,' where we teach people to do a portrait of their own pet," said Leaseburg.

The paint therapy class is for adults, and it starts with a simplified acrylic painting.

"Just the basics: how to use color, how to use the brush, lights and darks, and how to put a painting together. Then, we take them one step at a time through recreating that painting," Leaseburg said.

Leaseburg did just that in the paint therapy class. He taught the class how to paint two owls in a tree.

"A whimsical owl, a cartoon type of thing. Owls are very popular, and we get a lot of requests for that," Leaseburg said.

One person who attends many classes said they help relieve stress.

"I learned how to relax, and that's the coolest thing. You sit around with your girlfriends and you can bring your favorite beverage with you and sit and girl-talk. It's a relaxed atmosphere," said Jodi Howes, a regular at the class.

Howes said Leaseburg and his wife, Amanda, did something special for her last spring.

"I asked her to do a kids art class for my daughter who is special needs. Her and Bill were wonderful with my eight-year old. It was the calmest and the most focused I had ever seen her," Howes said.

After the paintings were finished, Leaseburg set them up so everyone could check out their creations.

The best part of the class is it's not only relaxing, and social, but you get to take your painting home.

For more information on The Starving Artist, what they do, and how to join a class, visit its website, or Facebook page.

The Starving Artist is now located at 354 West Main Street in Clarksburg.

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