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Gas Prices on The Rise Around the State

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If you've been to the pumps lately, it's no surprise to learn that gas prices are on the rise.

Gas prices in West Virginia increased an average of 16 cents this week to $3.668 per gallon.

The Energy Department said Americans spent more on filling up their cars this year than they had in the past four years.

The average cost of gas last year for US households was $2,912.

Tim Mulrooney of DeFazio Oil offered his explanation for what causes the fluctuation in price.

"It all starts with what happens on the stock market and the price of the barrel and then it transforms itself into the street prices that we all compete with and set," Mulrooney said.

Mulrooney stresses that competition also plays a major part in gas prices. If the competitor across the street raises gas to $3.59 per gallon, then nearby stations will alter their prices.


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