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Doddridge County Humane Society Asks For Money; Citizens Raise Concern

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The Doddridge County Humane Society formed back in 1999. In recent years, it announced it would open the first animal shelter in Doddridge County.

In June 2010, the humane society told 12 News it would open at the end of the summer.

In March 2012, President Betty Curtis told 12 News the shelter was expected to open in spring 2012. 12 News contacted Curtis again in January 2013 for a shelter update. Curtis said the shelter would open "soon," but she would not provide any more specific details.

"Hopefully it'll be very soon," Curtis said.

Doddridge County residents said they have heard "soon" for way too long.

"I've always heard sometime soon," said Maryanne Daggett, a Doddridge County resident and former Animal Control Officer.

Curtis said part of the reason why the shelter hasn't opened is because of funding issues.

"Funding is very hard to come by and we were fortunate to receive a small inheritance and that's how we have progressed as far as we have right now," Curtis said.

The humane society was left with a $250,000 inheritance in 2011. We asked Curtis why it was taking so long to open the shelter.

"In June, we ran into problems with the state and federal regulations. We have to have a sprinkler system put in," Curtis said.

The humane society was also given more than $30,000 from the Doddridge County Commission since 2005.

"If you'll look around the building. That's where it's gone. Construction costs are very expensive," Curtis said. A picture of the building is included in this story.

Curtis said the humane society does not have any animals up for adoption, but has four foster cats at her house.

"Right now, we only have four cats and those are in foster," Curtis said.

The humane society did not have any pets listed on Pet Finders. On its website, the Doddridge County Humane Society states that it provides a "Low Income Assistance Spay and Neuter Program" for Doddridge County residents.

Daggett said her job was to find stray and unwanted animals homes. She said she went to the humane society for help, but it had nothing to offer.

"As ACO I requested help from the current society, as I know the ACO's since me have requested their assistance. And they have not been able to render any assistance to homeless animals in this county," Daggett said.

Daggett said she, and ACOs after her, took dogs to Harrison County or adopted them out themselves.

The humane society requested an additional $25,000 from the Doddridge County Commission on Tuesday.  In a letter, the society stated it needed the money for costs associated with caring for animals when it opens.  It said the shelter would care for five cats and five dogs each month.  County Commission tabled the request until the society could provide details on past and future spending. 

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