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Recent Winter Weather Keeps DOH Crews Busy

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If you looked outside Friday afternoon and said "snow again!" you weren't alone.

Small accumulations have been the theme since last week's short-lived heat wave.

The recent snow fall has kept the Division of Highways very busy.

With each snow fall, District 4 crews have to clean more than 6,000 miles of roads, and use the same amount of salt each time.

"A lot of people out there have plowed snow, but to look at a plow tip for 11 hours, or 12 hours while your plowing snow is a job that's really strenuous on your eyes and physical body," said Greg Phillips District 4 engineer.

Often more snow falling means less drivers on the road, but small accumulations often don't deter drivers as much, and road crews are left working in traffic.

"The problem we have is if doesn't start snowing until 6:00, 6:30, 7:00, when they're commuting, there is no way possible we can clear roads quickly, and if it continues to snow the only roads we can keep clean are the primary, and that's our main goal," Phillips said.

It's not just DOH's equipment getting used; your front bumper is too.

The Monongalia Office of Emergency Management said more than 40 accidents sent at least five people to the hospital from Friday until mid-day Monday.

Director Mike Wolfe said whether it's two inches of snow or 12, he recommends the same thing.

"No matter what we get, the roads are going to be covered with snow and ice. The best advice is if you don't have to travel, stay at home. That allows road crews to get out and clean the roadways, and it also allows the emergency service workers to safely do what they need to do if they need to help you," Wolfe said.

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