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Ronald McDonald House Holds 2nd Annual Chef Challenge

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The Ronald McDonald House's second annual Chef Challenge brought two local chefs together to go head to head.

Dianna Rice competed for her first time this year. The reigning champ is Chef McDonald from Stefano's restaurant.

"Last year I had a lot of fun doing it. I don't do these types of things very often but it's for a good cause" McDonald said. "I like what the Ronald McDonald House does so we're happy to help."

The chefs volunteer their time and ingredients so all the proceeds from the event go straight to the Ronald McDonald House.

Steve DeJesus, executive director of the Ronald McDonald House, said they hold this event because it's a fundraiser that is unique to this area.

"We want to do something a little different instead of having the standard dinner. We want to do something on a cold, wintry day where people can come to the Ronald McDonald House to see what we do here, see the house," DeJesus said. "Then also have a kind of unique, different experience. There really isn't something like this in Morgantown."

WBOY's own Don Graye was a judge and explained the competition is all about raising money for the house.

"Ultimately the whole reason behind this is for the Ronald McDonald House charities and to get awareness out there, to raise a little money and have a little fun," Graye said. "The fact that there's two notable chefs up here is the second reason I'm here."

McDonald won the challenge again this year, and will keep the coveted Ronald McDonald House Charities chef jacket.

The Ronald McDonald House is working on the family room in Ruby Memorial Hospital. The living room will allow families that can't make it across the parking lot to the house to have somewhere to stay in the hospital. It should be done this spring.

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