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Union Mission In Fairmont Hosts Annual 'Souper Bowl' Event

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The Union Mission in Fairmont hosts its own kind of Super Bowl every year.

But this one doesn't involve scoring touchdowns or the Lombardi Trophy.

It involves a bowling ball and feeding the hungry.

"We always do it on Superbowl weekend," said George Batten, Union Mission Director. "Provided the weather works with us, we always do it on Super Bowl weekend just to make it a little more exciting."

The Union Mission Souper Bowl is a bowl-a-thon that aims to 'bowl over hunger'.

Teams come together to raise money for the missions soup kitchen.

"We've been doing it ever since I've been here as a pastor," said Steve Stemple, pastor. "It's been about 10 years. But I think we've been doing it before that. It's been good."

"It's kind of nice to see some volunteer things where you get to have a good time and bowl and things like that," said Jacob Lough, Union Mission Volunteer.

Nearly 50 people came out to bowl at Valley Worlds of Fun, raising almost $5,000 for the soup kitchen.

Those numbers are lower then previous years, but the Mission said every little bit helps.

"It appears that we served over 41,000 meals last year," Batten said. "Well when you figure that out, it represents a lot of people that are hungry."

The day consists of a bowling tournament, prizes, and food.

Some admitted they aren't even good at the game.

"It's not my thing, but I enjoy trying," Stemple said.

Lough said he comes close to last place every year, but he and others come for a different reason.

"If you're not giving back then you're not living," he said. "You're kind of just living for yourself, that's kind of a boring way to live. It's just kind of the way life should be I think."

"God says to give," said Robert Ledsome, volunteer. "I just want try to give because he says to. It makes you feel good inside."

"We're blessed," Stemple said. "Especially here in America. We're blessed with so much and the Lord wants us to be givers."

The Union Mission said it thanks the community for it's support.

It's currently preparing for it's biggest of the fundraiser of the year, and will release information to the public in the coming weeks.

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