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Doctors Addresses Health Issues Associated With Cold Weather

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There are many things to worry about while the weather is so cold, including your health.

Mon General's emergency staff doesn't do much to prepare for cold weather because they already know what to expect each year.

The emergency room doctors see a spike in orthopedic injuries from unclear sidewalks and driveways. They also see patients that come in from car accidents.

Many issues the staff looks out for deal with more subtle but just as dangerous cases.

"We might see people that come in with fairly nonspecific complaints. In the back of our mind, we're thinking, 'Have they used a wood stove or a kerosene heater?'," said Dr. David Lawrence, the medical director of the emergency department at Mon General Hospital. "So, would carbon monoxide be possibly in the mix? Have they been in the community where flu or colds are ramped, and have they had any exposures that way?"

Some tips on how to stay safe include never using a stove to heat up the house.

If you're a cardiac patient, make sure you don't over do it in the cold weather. If you're going to exercise, do it inside or wear a mask over your face to heat up the air before it enters your lungs.

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