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Theraflu and Triaminic Products Recalled

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With flu season underway, it's important to take note of the recall on products of two brands: Theraflu and Triaminic.

About 2.3 million bottles have been recalled by the pharmaceutical company.

This was announced after four children opened the child-resistant seals and ingested the medicine.

Pharmacist Beth Gregg at Mountaineer Medical Pharmacy said children getting their hands on this medication is a serious concern.

"It's a problem because children get too much of the medication in doses they can't tolerate. Basically, their little bodies get diphenhydramine, which is common in Triaminic or doses of acetaminophen, which is also common in Triaminic and they overdose on those medications, which can hurt their liver or kidneys," Gregg said.

Mountaineer Medical Pharmacy is out of both Theraflu and Triaminic and their wholesaler only has two Triaminic products for sale and no Theraflu products available for re-order.

Gregg suggests Mucinex cough and cold products as an alternative to these two medicines.

You can find the entire list of recalled products on this website

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