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Test it Tuesdays: Hot Booties Foot Warmers

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The Hot Booties claim to be warming and therapeutic for "tired and achy feet" and provide an hour of heat.

I followed the instructions and placed the Hot Booties into the "Bootie bag" to heat in the microwave on high for no more than 90 seconds.

For my test, I put them on right before 12 News Today started at 5 a.m., to see if they were comfortable, and how long they would keep my feet warm in our usually chilly studio.

Initially, the Hot Booties were cozy and warm. It felt like I was wearing bean bags on my feet. After about 35 minutes I needed to keep moving the booties around to release more heat from the filling inside. After the hour mark, my feet were no longer toasty warm and by the end of 12 News Today at 7 a.m., my feet were cold once again.

The instructions also say that you're not supposed to walk while wearing the Hot Booties. I did need to walk around the studio a little bit and while it wasn't difficult, I wouldn't want to wear them around the office or while I'm doing anything around the house.

The only real down side was Don Graye and Tony J. Amormino commented that the booties looked like "Muppet feet," but if you're kicked back and relaxing I don't think that would matter too much.

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