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Affordable Care Act Discussed at Town Hall Meeting in Morgantown

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Around 250,000 West Virginians are uninsured right now, but the Affordable Care Act will change that.

West Virginians for Affordable Health Care held a Town Hall meeting Monday in Morgantown at Valley Health System. The meeting helped educate women on health care benefits they will receive under this act.

The Affordable Care Act will affect services ranging from maternity coverage, to access to GYNs, and no exclusions for preexisting conditions.

"I've always been so excited about the coverage that they'll have for the pre-existing conditions. There's so many people who have something that maybe their insurance wouldn't cover before," said Charlene Marshall, a Monongalia County delegate. "We talk about what it means for women and children, women and families, it's just so important. There's so much for everyone to learn at town meetings like this."

Some more controversial points of the act, like women having access to all FDA approved contraceptives, still have not been fully worked out.

However, abortion coverage will not change. The Federal Government will not pay for an abortion unless it deals with incest, rape, or the mother's life is in danger.

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