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Two Fire Departments Helping Local Sheriff's Deputies

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The Weston and Jane Lew Fire Departments are helping the Lewis County Sheriff's Department stay safe while out on meth busts.

As deputies make more and more busts, the two fire departments are getting in on the fight.

The Weston Fire Department provided two sets of SCBA breathing gear to sheriff's deputies to keep them from breathing the fumes generated when a meth lab is cooking the drug. And that's the drug that's been growing the most in the county.

"We're having a major influx of the shake and bake type method of manufacturing meth and that's probably more combustible or flammable, if you will, than that of the red phosphorus or the other type of meth labs that are a thing of the past," said Lewis County Sheriff Adam Gissy.

In addition to the fumes from the drug, it's also highly explosive. Meth lab explosions can destroy homes, and they're still dangerous, even when being dismantled. To help protect the deputies, the Jane Lew Fire Department joined Weston and donated some sets of turnout gear.

"The importance to have the turnout gear, and the SCBA's are simply because those meth labs are so very explosive, and they really can cause so much harm to a person. It's great to take these extra measures to make sure our deputies are safe," Gissy said.

All three groups have worked together in the past on calls from drugs busts to accidents, and Weston Fire Chief Kenneth James said even though they may not always have the needed expertise, they're always willing to pitch in and help.

"Whenever law enforcement need manpower or equipment, if it's something we can do, we're there for them. It doesn't matter what branch of law enforcement it is, we're just there to help," said James.

James said the Weston Fire Department will also provide support for the sheriff's department by helping to maintain and refill those tanks as they are used on each call.

Gissy said he's happy to have the extra help in keeping his deputies safe.

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