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AT&T Provides Helpful Winter Weather Apps for Smartphones

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With so many smartphone applications to choose from, it may be hard to decide what to download.

If you're looking for something helpful in the winter, AT&T suggests the winter wake-up app and the winter survival kit app.

Both are free and can be found at the app store.

"The winter wake up app, the neat thing about that is that the phone itself actually has GPS services locations in it. So with the app, it uses the GPS to gather the current weather where you're at," said AT&T Retail Sales Manager Dawn Pride.

With the winter wake-up app, you can set your alarm depending on weather conditions.

The app enables you to choose how many extra minutes you want to be woken up depending on if it's snowy or icy out.

This lets you get the extra time you may need to clean off your car or shovel your driveway.

The winter survival kit app may actually be able to save ones life in an emergency situation.

This app stores all your emergency contacts in one location.

It all stores all your emergency policy numbers and calculates how long your engine will run with the amount of gas left.

The winter survival kit also alerts you periodically to turn off your engine and check the exhaust for snow buildup.

AT&T customer Les Shreve said the winter survival kit is a wonderful idea and would definitely be useful if he or a family member was in panic mode.




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