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Grafton Police Department Holds Handgun Safety Class

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The Grafton Police Department held a Handgun Safety course Saturday morning.

People attending were either taking the course because they wanted to purchase a hand gun or because they wanted to learn more about the one they already own.

"I've been a shooter all of my life and shooting riffles and different things like that," said Robert Jennings. "And wanted to get the handgun safety class while it was available. It's a good time to do it."

Around 150 people went to Grafton for the handgun safety class.

The main point of the course is to learn how to use a gun safely.

"It's primarily a basic hand gun safety class. We're going over basic firearm safety," said Lieutenant Dayton Mayle, the primary instructor for the course. "We're going to go over carrying the weapon and using the weapon. We're going to cover the law in West Virginia. The requirements for concealed weapons license, how to apply for a concealed weapons license. It's a very basic course."

People who attended the class were anxious to go to the range and shoot.

"I'm expecting to learn how to shoot better and a little more about learning about the guns and stuff," said Whitney Phillips.

Phillips said she came to the class because she wants to have a way to protect herself and her two year old daughter.

The class split up into two groups and went to the range after the classroom portion of the course.

Jennings wanted to take the class to make sure he was using his handgun the proper way.

"Not only furthering the knowledge but making sure everything is legal and make sure that I'm the best that I can be," Jennings said.

The Grafton Police Department wants to remind people that guns are dangerous and can hurt people if you do not know how to operate it properly.

Those who do not know should take a safety class.

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