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Top New Year's Resolutions and How To Keep Them: Eating Healthier

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Emory Oldaker wasn't looking to become healthier or lose weight.

The idea came from someone else.

"Somebody saw me on Facebook," Oldaker said. "They said 'hey Emory, I want you to try this 90-day challenge' and I was hooked."

Oldaker participated in a 90-day challenge that led to him losing 40 pounds, gaining muscle, and learning how to eat healthy.

"It actually taught me how to save money on buying food and eating the right kind of foods," Oldaker said. "You know, fruits and vegetables. The kinds of foods that save people money."

Oldaker said fast food is the reason it's so hard for some people to eat healthy. It is easy, cheap, and convenient.

"If I were to go to a specific fast food restaurant and purchase a soda and two things off the dollar meal, it would still be three dollars plus tax. When in reality I knew in my mind that if I did the challenge it was less then two dollars per meal," Oldaker said.

If you do choose to eat fast food, you can eat it healthier.

"Most of the fast food restaurants offer salads," said Annie Bronsak, Dietitian at Fairmont General Hospital. "You can get a salad instead of french fries."

You may be saying to yourself making the New Years resolution is the easy part and keeping it is what's hard. Well, that's not the case.

Mountain People's Co-Op in Morgantown offers fresh and organic foods at reasonable prices. This makes it easy to keep that resolution.

"We have the lowest prices we possible can just to make us stable," said Ashley Keane, Store Manager. "We aren't a million dollar store here. We just provide a service to the public."

That service includes help while shopping.

"We provide personal help with shoppers. We will walk around the whole store, give them suggestions, say this really doesn't taste that great, you want to try this," Keane said.

Dietitians said it's never too late to turn your life around.

"The earlier you get started eating healthy and having healthy habits, the better off you are," Bronsak said.

Emory Oldaker said the change benefited him greatly and it can do the same for you.

"When you take care of your body, you can feel amazing," he said.

For more information on Mountain People's Co-Op, visit its website.

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