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Turning Tree Debris Into Mulch After Superstorm Sandy

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It's been three months since Superstorm Sandy, and communities here still have some cleaning up to do.

Along Route 219 in Tucker County tree stumps are all that's left after Superstorm Sandy. So where has all the debris gone?

Bob Cooper is Tucker County's Department of Transportation Supervisor. He said there's only one place: Corrick's Ford Battlefield.

"Well at the time we started on that I couldn't think of another place in the county of that size that would be centrally located that we could get that much stuff in. I knew there would be a lot stuff when we started haul in there," said Cooper.

The battlefield has been transformed into a collection site for all the trees cut down by tree removal crews. Cooper said a bid will be awarded to turn the trees into mulch.

"We assume some mulch company will probably get the bid on it and grind it up into mulch and sell it," Cooper said.

A mulch company will use large tub grinders, which can grind up a tractor trailer load in approximately 15 to 20 minutes, which Cooper said would make short work out of pile that big. Cooper said he's hopeful the work can be completed with no delays.

"If they had no breakdowns or anything major happening you know that of course I don't guess weather will affect them a whole lot snow or anything once they get started especially if they can sell it to Kingsford or somebody," said Cooper.

Cooper said approximately 110,000 cubic yards of tree debris is at the collection site.

"It's just mind boggling the damage it did to us and the damage it did to the local people that have timber on their land."

A bid should be awarded with work starting at the end of January or first part of February.

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