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Service-Retail Businesses to Open in White Oaks

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While some parts of the country are posting more "Sorry, We're Closed" signs than "Now Open" signs, a city in Harrison County is doing just the opposite.

Numerous construction and development projects are on the way for the evolving town.

Marty O'Boyle owns Commerce Group, a development company that's working to build in the White Oaks area of Bridgeport.

"Bridgeport had all of the ingredients that one would look for in making a real estate investment," O'Boyle said.

O'Boyle said the city of Bridgeport has the perfect infrastructure for economic development.

"A good road system, a good base of employment," O'Boyle said.

Commerce Group is the primary retail developer for the White Oaks area.

"A lot of service business. I would say we'll have the travel agencies, the eyeglass shops, the dentistry shops. 24-hour medical facilities," O'Boyle said.

Other developers will build restaurants, hotels, and offices that will surround the service-retail center.

While no big name chains have been announced yet, O'Boyle said those companies could start signing on when other businesses open their doors.

"Activity breeds activity. Once they see there is a market and a growing market they are more likely to move at a quicker pace," O'Boyle said.

Marc Schein is in charge of finding tenants for those buildings that O'Boyle is building. He said those buildings don't need to be built or opened for well-known retailers to jump on board.

"Typically you'd like to pre-lease and lenders would like to see some leasing before putting shovels in the ground. That's where we're at now. I can't specifically name any user, but those are the types of users--what we call service-retail," Schein said.

O'Boyle said his 51,000 square foot service-retail project will take shape in four phases. He expects to finish phase four in 2014.

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