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WVIAC Spotlight: GSC Women Continue to Lead League in Points Scored

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Basketball is a whole lot of fun when the ball is going through the net. It's something that Head Coach Bunky Harkleroad preaches in his offense, and his players are listening.

"I think it's the fact that he gives us a lot of freedom. We come down, not many plays, and he just lets us go. We have a couple things that we do on a daily basis when we play. But pretty much, he just lets us go and we try to get up shots. He doesn't really yell at your for a shot. He'll yell at you for a turnover, but not for a shot," Pioneers guard Ginny Petties Mills said.

"He doesn't ever yell at us for any shots," Glenville State guard Jelena Elez said. "We know as long as we hustle on defense, our offense is going to come and nobody is really nervous to take a shot."

Coach Harkleroad's system is not that complicated. It's an up-tempo offense where you simply get the rebound and go. But coach said it's not the system that equates to one of the highest scoring teams in the nation. It's the players.

"We have some girls who can put the ball in the hole," Head Coach Bunky Harkleroad said. "We shoot a lot of three's and we try to create more shots. We stress offensive rebounding a lot.

We stress a much faster pace at the offensive and defensive end of the court, and we have players that can execute our system."

Since Coach Harkleroad arrived in Glenville in 2009, his team has led the conference in scoring each year, with just under 100 points per game. It's a fun style of play that he believes can win games.

"We catch a hard time because we allow a lot of points. But we believe if we score more points than you, then we've technically played a little better defense than you," Harkleroad added.

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