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New Sheriff Bringing Changes To Lewis County Department

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There's a new sheriff in town at the Lewis County Courthouse, and Sheriff Adam Gissy is already making his mark on law enforcement.

It's been less than a month since Gissy took office, but he's hit the ground running, bringing a lot of changes to the Lewis County Sheriff's Department.

Gissy said he's been blessed to have a solid foundation to build his efforts on, thanks to his father, Magistrate Michael Gissy.

One of the goals the new sheriff has set his sights on is making sure the department's efforts are visible to everyone.

"We're trying to focus on schools, having an officer somewhere around the school zones when children are present, educating in the schools, community-oriented policing, getting out in our neighborhoods and letting them know that we're out there for them, because that's out primary duty is to go out a protect and serve the citizens of Lewis County," said Gissy.

And it's an effort the community has noticed. Lewis County Commissioner Agnes Queen said she's already been hearing reports from people in the area, who said they've noticed that effort firsthand.

"They're seeing people get speeding tickets, they're seeing the department out, so people are very excited. They see them in the school zone, they're seeing them throughout the county, pulling people over and so people are liking the new change," said Queen.

Gissy has also spent some time building the teamwork within the department. And that's been evident with a recent string of drug busts in the county, something which he credits to the department pulling together.

"And I think it's been pretty obvious with some of the recent successes we've had that everybody's buying into it. We're blessed to have gotten some significant arrests, but there's still a lot more that could be done but I'm very pleased with how everything's turned out," said Gissy.

As part of his tax collection duties, Gissy wants to establish sites in other parts of the county to make things easier for residents.

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