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Morgantown Residents Weigh in on Cold Spell

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Most thermometers didn't break the teens Tuesday, but was it so bad? We caught up with a few people in Morgantown with mixed opinions on the cold weather.

"Oh it's cold out, really cold," said Dennis Keenan.

That was a common response. Especially one hummed by WVU students as they trekked to and from class, some walking over a mile to campus for morning classes.

"8:30 every week," said student Davis Gould. "So it's extra cold when I get up."

"I'm wearing this heavy jacket, and never wear gloves," added student Jay Reilly.

Others disagreed, and were not overly concerned about the crisp air.

"Right now I don't mind it. I don't mind it too much; you've got to have a little bit of that," Terry McNemar said. "That's what my grandfather taught me. You have to have a little cold and snow; it makes everything better for the spring."

"I'm from the west coast, Vancouver British Columbia," Janet Fraser said. "It's pretty cold, but not too bad. I'm not even wearing long pants so, it's alright."

"This is the worst week of the year, I look at the weather, it only gets better from here so if I can't tolerate one bad week of weather what's that say about me?" Fraser added.

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