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Clarksburg Residents Try to Stay Warm As Temperatures Drop

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With temperatures dropping to lows in the single digits, many people are either seeking shelter indoors or trying to stay warm while outside.

The Clarksburg Mission said it sees more than 100 people per night, and it is expecting even more with the cold weather.

Angel Pritt, who works at the mission as a dorm manager, said the staff does whatever it can to keep people warm, even when the building is full.

"When we're at capacity, that can mean different things at different times, like how many people can sleep during the night. We never turn anyone away if it's at all possible, and if we have to, we find other facilities that will take them," said Pritt.

The mission also offers a coat, gloves, a hat, blankets, and scarves to anyone who is in need. It offers hot coffee and a place to stay for people who need somewhere to go.

While some people are seeking shelter and warmth, others are out in the cold working.

Clarksburg residents may have noticed the Statue of Liberty out on Emily Drive or West Pike Street promoting Liberty Tax Service.

Charles Workman is one of those workers and explained how he stays warm while he's out working.

"I try to stay warm every now and then. Basically keep moving around, keep the body flowing instead of keep freezing," said Workman.

Workman said if his employer asks him to work Tuesday when the temperatures are expected to be in the low teens in Clarksburg, he would do it.

"Depending if they actually call me in, and if they do, then yeah, I'll be here," Workman said.

With the temperatures hitting such low numbers and the wind chills making it seem even worse, the best thing to do is stay warm.

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