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Local Professionals Make Good Use of Working Holiday

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While many people were kicking their feet up on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Andrea Evans and her crew at the Second and Center Cafe were keeping busy during the Monday lunch rush. Evans said she would've loved to take the day off for a shopping trip, but there was plenty to do right in the cafe.

"So for the local people in town, the businesses that are still open, they have a place to come and eat lunch, and it's good for our business because the people that are off work can come in and eat lunch when normally they could not, so we like it both ways," Evans said.

Even though many stores are closed, the business of business must go on. Lewis County Chamber of Commerce Director Sherry Lambert was at her desk Monday. She said despite the long hours she already puts in, working on a quieter day can help her catch up.

"A lot of people think this office is closed on a holiday, so it's a nice opportunity to get a lot of things done and off the desk and out of the way," Lambert said.

Of course, many bigger businesses stay open as well. The Wendy's in Weston was doing brisk business Monday, and crew members said they enjoy the chance to work together on the holiday.

"Coming in and seeing everybody get along, we're like our own little family here, so we all work together and get things done," said Wendy's employee Shawn Marsh.

Due to the national holiday, many places, including government offices, were shut down for the day, but were to open as normal Tuesday.

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