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Lakeview Golf Resort and Spa's 29th Festival of Food and Wine

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Lakeview Golf Resort and Spa held it's 29th annual Festival of Food and Wine Sunday. The event brings together local residents and vendors.

The event centered around teaching guests how to entertain.

"Everybody wants to entertain, everybody has that foody in them," said Steve Sharkey, the general manager. "We kind of geared it towards that. What would you do if you were at home entertaining your family, during the holidays. That's kind of our theme this year."

The resort said that one of the things they love about hosting the event is getting to showcase the talented chefs they have like Brandon DeVoe. DeVoe is a chef from North Carolina who did demonstrations for the Festival of Food and Wine.

"I brought my mother and my father here today," said DeVoe. "I brought my dad up on stage today. He kind of influenced me to be a chef. Cooking with him when I was younger and cooking with my grandmother. My part was cocktail part and she was the classic cocktail party. I remember growing up pouring gin and tonics when I was young, that kind of thing."

The event includes many different programs, but Sharkey said he likes that it brings the whole community together.

"Food is a social, happy, gathering kind of event so we used that as our theme," Sharkey said. "And ever since then we've kind of added to it, it's grown over the years. We added the iron chef competitions, we've had celebrities here and it really is a focal point in the community, everybody looks forward to it every year."

The Iron Chef competition has become a huge part of the festival.

"We have 20 minutes sessions, so we try to get as much as we can get done before they throw the protein at us be it duck or goose or whatever it may be we can just kind of implement it from there," DeVoe said.

The mystery protein given at the competition was rabbit.

DeVoe placed second in the Iron Chef competition and said he enjoys competing.

The event also has local wine, food and crafts available to be purchased.

"They get to shop a little bit, we get to feature the local ingredients and local marketers," said Sharkey. "It's a great community event and we're really happy to sponsor it year after year."

Next years festival of food and wine will be an even bigger celebration for it's 30th anniversary.

The event is scheduled for the weekend of January 17 , 2014.

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