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Families Study the Stars During Astronomy Day

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The Central Appalachian Astronomy Club has been hosting Astronomy Day in Clarksburg for the past 10 years.

Astronomy Day was held Saturday. Kids get to learn about astronomy using hands-on activities.

"Classes, learning about astronomy, and rocketry, the use of telescopes and then we also bring in outside presenters," said Joe Gonzalez, Central Appalachian Astronomy Club President.

The kids get to participate in different activities like Alka-Seltzer rockets, straw rockets, an building the surface of the Moon out of Play Doh. The different activities help them learn.

"Kids learn from hands-on activities, and with science that's the way to go. You can talk while they're doing activities and you would be amazed at how much they are actually learning as you go through the activity with them," said Cyndi Shaver, Children's Activities Co-Coordinator.

Shaver's daughter, Katie Shaver, participates in the program every year. She enjoyed all the activities, but one in particular.

"We made sun cookies. We used icing, sprinkles, Twizzlers, and chocolate chips to make them. They tasted really good!" said Shaver.

Not only does the club offer activities, but it has special telescopes there as well.

"These scopes are specially designed with special filters that we are able to look at sun spots, solar flares, and the surface of the sun," Gonzalez said.

The club also offers to help kids learn about the telescopes they have at home.

"Right after Christmas kids get telescopes and they want to know how to use them. We thought it would be an opportunity to come here today so they can learn how to use them," Gonzalez said.

The kids enjoy the fun activities, but they learn at the same time.

"I learn all about the planets, and the moon, and more than everything about how the planets go," Shaver said.

Unlike previous years, the weather during the event couldn't have been better.

"It's been fantastic. Out of all the years this is the third sunny day that we've had for this event," Gonzalez said

If you would like more information about the Central Appalachian Astronomy Club, you can visit their website.

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