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Grafton Veterans Tear Down Buildings To Make Room For Parking Lot

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A little over a week ago, two very dilapidated and dangerous buildings stood on Main Street in Grafton.

Now, those buildings are gone and allow a group of Grafton veterans to begin its latest project.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3081 does a lot for Grafton and the community knows it.

"There are a lot of things that we have to be thankful for," said Sandy Swisher, Grafton Resident. "We need to go and support our fellow people that have served."

Grafton residents are standing behind the veterans as they do a little something for themselves.

That little something is demolition and then the expansion of its post.

"These were condemned buildings," said Trenton Pauley, VFW 3081 Commander. "They were dangerous. I walked through them and would go 'Oh my, do I really want to put my whole weight over here'."

The logical response was to tear the buildings down.

"Now when you look down there we will have a big parking lot," Pauley said.

Why a parking lot, you may ask?

"You can look out here at Main Street, especially when they have court, there's almost no where to park," Pauley said. "That cuts into our business in our Canteen."

The "Canteen" is the Post's biggest source of revenue.

Pauley said it offers food and alcohol, gambling machines and pool tables for its members.

"We're hoping that by buying this and getting the parking lot in we'll be able to take some traffic off the streets and increase our business," he said.

Pauley said it's a group effort and the City of Grafton is certainly doing its part to help.

"City Manager, Kevin Stead, has been super helpful," he said. "The city is going to remove that dirt you see out there."

Pauley said he hopes the new parking lot will be finished by the summer time.

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