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City of Clarksburg Promotes Online Housing Market

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Clarksburg is by no means a metropolitan area, but finding a place to live in the city is fairly difficult.

"High demand and of the quantity and supply that is currently on the market now," said Clarksburg City Manager Martin Howe.

With economic developments and projects on the way, the city of Clarksburg expects an influx of people to move into the area. Highland Hospital recently announced a project that anticipates 250 new jobs to open up in north central West Virginia.

The FBI center in Bridgeport continues to expand too, and with the oil and gas boom in the region, more and more out-of-staters are moving to West Virginia.

For those unfamiliar with the area, tracking down a place to live can be almost impossible. For one, the high demand and small supply. The lack of promotion and presence online also makes the search troublesome.

"We continue to encourage them to reach out through the world wide web and social media to attract these people to the community to live," Howe said.

Howe said even locals want the convenience of being able to browse apartments and homes online. He said landlords need to provide future tenants with pictures and pricing.

"Exterior and interior pictures. That really helps a lot of for the prospect who is looking, Also if the utilities are included or not included. And also rent prices," Howe said.

Rick Schlicker owns several residential properties in the Clarksburg area and he plans on building more. He said he gets calls from people all over the country, as far west as California. He said people are willing to sign a lease site-unseen but that typically only works when pictures and videos take the place of an in-person tour.

Shickler said the city of Clarksburg has helped put his name and his properties out to the public.

"Taking pictures and showing the work in progress," said Rick Schlicker, a contractor in Clarksburg.

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