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Finding A Family: Daniel's Story

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On Daniel's 12th birthday, he got more surprises than he bargained for! The staff at Garfield's treated him to a birthday meal, complete with a birthday cake.

"Was that a good surprise?" I asked him. "Yeah, I wasn't expecting that!" he said.

In between bites of his chili cheese fries, we got to know Daniel.

He's a fifth grader, who loves Batman movies, board games and both West Virginia's rival basketball teams.

"If you had to go for one, which would you go for?" I asked. "Both, because I would wear one that's Marshall and West Virginia."

He's also pretty smart. He gets good grades, and has big plans for his future.

"I want to invent something," He said. "What do you want to invent?" I asked. "A car that can drive by itself," he replied.

And as most inventors do, he loves to read. "I'll read any book in the world!"

But behind this fun loving smart kid is a surprisingly deep and introspective young man.

When I asked him to describe his perfect family to me, here's his answer: "I'm not looking for a perfect anything; I'm just looking for a family. I don't want nothing that's perfect."

What he does want is a loving mom and dad, and to be either a single child or maybe a sibling around his age. And he said that would be the greatest present of all.

"So next year on your 13th birthday what would be the best gift for you?" I asked him. "A family," he said right away.

If you're interested in adopting Daniel, or any other child in the Mountain State, call Mission West Virginia at 866- CALL WMV. Or you can send an email to

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