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MVB MVP: Bridgeport Point Guard Miki Glenn

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Most people from North Central West Virginia have heard the name Miki Glenn at least once or twice. The high scoring point guard from Bridgeport is in the midst of a historical senior season, guiding the lady Indians to a number two ranking in Class AA. But to understand Miki's greatness on the court, you have to take the time to get to know her off the court, and where her love for the game all began.

"When I was about 6 or 7, my brother took me out in the driveway and we would play with each other and he would beat up on me because he's four years older than me," Glenn said. "He taught me how to play and he taught me how to be tough. Ever since then I fell in love with it because I loved hanging out with him."

That tough love in the driveway has translated to the gymnasium, where Glenn averages an area best 20 points per game. Long-time Indians Head Coach Dave Marshall does not even hesitate to call her the very best player in the Mountain State.

"She's really, in my estimations; I'm biased but I think she's the best player in the state of West Virginia," Marshall said.

"He tells me that and he tells me I have to live up to that expectation. He says I have to play like the best player on the court at all times and the best player in the state. But he definitely mentions that to me sometimes," Glenn laughed.

Glenn is currently in the process of narrowing down her list of schools at the college level. She's even drawn some interest from Division I programs such as Appalachian State and Eastern Kentucky. But she says no matter what happens in the future, nobody can take away her time as a Bridgeport Indian, and the memories of right now.

"I also want to take my time and enjoy the time with these girls and enjoy every game that I have, and never forget this time," she said. "Everyone tells me it's the most fun you're ever going to have, but I'm really taking my time and enjoying it. But I definitely want to get as far as I can."

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