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Gun Sales on the Rise in Clarksburg

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President Barack Obama's plans to limit guns in America is actually driving up sales in local shops.

Defender Arms in Clarksburg only has 20-percent of the normal stock they usually carry because their products have been selling so quickly.

Owner of Defender Arms Eric Satterfield said he definitely noticed an increase in customers around the time Obama made his announcement about gun control on January 16.

Customer Michael Murphy, went to two stores that already sold out of a certain kind of ammunition, before he ended up at Satterfield's shop.

"I went to two different Wal-Marts both of them were sold out, so I decided to stop by here and they happened to have it," said Murphy.

Satterfield is upset about some of Obama's new restrictions.

"As far as my feelings on it, they're going to punish responsible citizens for the work of some maniacs," said Satterfield.

He does add that he firmly agrees with the idea of stricter background checks because, "in the wrong hands, it is dangerous." 

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