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Senator Manchin Visits Harrison County to Discuss Safety in Schools

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Guns, who should have them, and who shouldn't were all part of a discussion held Wednesday in Clarksburg with Senator Joe Manchin.

Manchin visited several schools in Harrison County and met with educators, administrators, police officers and students to talk about what changes can be made to prevent what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School from happening again.

"He took their information so when he goes back to Washington he will be better prepared and to provide and help make legislation that is going to affect how we operate in our school system," said Susan Collins, Harrison County Superintendent.

"It's got to change," Manchin said. "With that, you make schools more secure. How do we prevent it from getting it more violent. Do we need more help from counselors do we need more intervention with resource from the standpoint that a person who has a mental illness or needs. Can we prevent that from happening?"

When asked what he thought about Obama's call for action, Manchin said while he didn't have a chance to read over those plans yet, he commented that, "We'll be looking at that. Again, I would say my approach has always been looking at fixing it in a way that addresses all of the issues we have. I have introduced a piece of legislation with Senator McCain that basically has a commission on mass violence."

Manchin also asked for input on whether teachers should be allowed to carry guns or not.

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