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City of Clarksburg to Provide More Housing Options

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There's plenty of vacant, rundown and forgotten buildings in Clarksburg.

But like they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

"There's a lot of nice buildings around this town that are old and have a lot of architectural value to them. I just hate all these buildings being raised," said Rick Schlicker, owner and contractor of a future apartment complex in Clarksburg.

Schlicker is working on restoring an old factory on Ohio Avenue in Clarksburg that will provide 11 upscale apartments. He recently purchased additional buildings that he also plans on fixing up.

That old factory will soon be home to 11 state of the art apartments.

Clarksburg City Manager Martin Howe said Schlicker has the right idea and wishes more property owners would see that promise.

"We encourage a lot of the property owners who own some of the building now to go in and revitalize those building. Take that investment, put it back into the building. It does have a great use for living whether in the industrial area or the uptown area," Howe said.

But the city isn't only encouraging that type of development because of the potential.. That type of living spaces is in high demand with very few options.

"The actual housing market within north central West Virginia and Clarksburg and the surrounding areas it is very difficult to find affordable housing," Howe said.

Finding such a place may soon get harder, as more professionals move into the regional.

"Highland Hospital coming, the FBI continuing to expand, the biometrics facilities," Howe said.

"I think people are here waiting, or the ones that are coming in. We have a lot of things coming in with the new hospital coming, there's a lot of professional people coming for things," Schlicker said.

For more information on leasing these properties and to look at other properties on the way click here.

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