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Restaurant Road Trip: Kegler's Sports Bar

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Some restaurants want their customers to get in and get out.

Well, that's not the case at Kegler's Sports Bar in Morgantown.

It keeps its customers coming back with great food, great service, and any game imaginable on 80-inch televisions.

Kegler's opened in 1994 as an add-on to Suburban Lanes.

Now in 2013, the business has grown even larger.

"To get everybody satisfied, to get everybody happy we needed some more space," said Kegler's General Manager Doug Moore. "We renovated our downstairs which we call Kegler's II about six years ago. That sufficed for a while so we needed to add on a little bit more so we could kind of take care of everybody."

Kegler's Employees said the restaurant is different then other sports bars in Morgantown for multiple reasons.

"It's locally owned and it's a hometown bar," said Kegler's Manager Alyssa Lorenze. "You're going to get the same service every time you come here. The quality of food is always the same so I think when you come to Kegler's you know what you're going to get and you're not going to be disappointed."

The sports bar is known for its wings and the homemade sauces that are prepared every morning.

If you're not a fan of wings, don't worry.

Kegler's offers a variety of burgers and signature sandwiches.

"We have 15 different flavors of them so we kind of cater to anybody. Whatever your style is," Moore said. "Whether it be a regular mild or buffalo sauce to the hottest sauce there is."

Kegler's has sports memorabilia posted all over the restaurant.

There are televisions everywhere you turn, some even 80 inches.

"We have the direct TV, direct satellite games, direct ticket for every NBA, hockey, NFL," Moore said. "We have any game you want on at any time."

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