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Police, Scrap Metal Companies Work Together to Solve Copper Theft Cases

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Some thieves will take just about anything they can from you, including your bathroom plumbing believe it or not.

The recent spike in copper-worth has caused a problem for scrap metal companies and for law enforcement agencies.

The Clarksburg Police Department is working with those scrap metal companies to prevent future thefts to and identify thieves.

"Going to the scrap yards and following up any evidence and leads they have right now to try and catch the subjects in that theft," said Clarksburg Police Chief Marshall Goff.

Mike Gains owns Clarksburg Scrap Metals. He said his company has received stolen copper in the past, and it's worked with police to track down those who've brought in stolen goods.

"You must be honest with the police, you do need to comply when they ask for your compliance and help, you need to," Gains said.

Clarksburg Scrap Metals has several steps in place to accomplish that.

"We require Photo ID for all sales. We also take your vehicle description, license plate number. You're under surveillance the entire time you're bringing in material to us to sell," Gains said.

The Harrison County Commission is looking to make those standards a requirement for all businesses like Clarksburg Scrap Metals.

"We've been in touch with the county commission and they are looking at drafting an ordinance in the county to require scrap metals to get information to help us," Chief Goff said.

Goff said it's a policy that's already in place and working for pawn shops in Clarksburg.

"That goes a long way in helping us in investigations of any type of theft that we have," Chief Goff said.

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