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WVU Students Return to Campus

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After a month of relaxation, West Virginia University students are heading back to classes on January 14. Most of them had some heavy lifting to do on the weekend but they'll have to use their brain power starting Monday.

"I'm taking 18 credits so I got to be on my game this semester, but I'm looking forward to it," said Gabriel Martinez, a junior at WVU. "I just want to get back in school, I like going to school so I enjoy it."

Boxes, bags and suitcases lined the streets of WVU's campus while parents moved their children back to school. Some parents moved first-time winter-breakers back into their dorms. George Sisson was one of those parents.

"We made pretty good time coming back up," said Sisson. "We hit a little bit of fog coming through Frederick, and Cumberland and Hagerstown but overall it was a quiet Sunday morning drive."

The trip wasn't as quick for other students. Martinez and Derek West, also juniors at WVU, traveled from their homes in Boston.

"I got like two hours of sleep and usually if I drive it's a 12 hours drive but it's a lot more convenient flying," said Martinez. "Still waking up in the middle of the morning and having to fly, and then wait for the bus, then take the bus and go through Pittsburgh. It's such an ordeal. I just want to get here."

The spring semester is just beginning and some students are already thinking about summer break.

"Hopefully I'll finally get into a major if everything goes as planned but if not... I'll just enjoy the nice weather," said West. "I can't wait for the summer."

West and the other students will have to wait until Friday, May 3 when summer break begins.

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