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Harrison County Group Finding Homes For Greyhounds

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The new chapter of the Virginia Greyhound Adoption has only been in North Central West Virginia for a few months, but they're already working to find the ex-racing dogs new homes.

Just like human athletes, racing greyhounds need something to do after their careers come to an end.

For them, that means finding a new home. Virginia Greyhound Adoption is ready to help. Jody Mohr founded a chapter in North Central West Virginia only a few months ago, to help dogs she grew to love, thanks to an old friend.

"I'd always heard that greyhounds are phenomenal therapy dogs, and I'd always wanted one. We reconnected, got in touch, she's originally from West Virginia, came home for a visit, brought her two greys, and I was smitten," Mohr said.

On Saturday, she and her group teamed up with Eastern Pet Supply in Bridgeport to help find those dogs a forever home.

It's a mission the business said it takes to heart.

"Here at Eastern Pet, we really believe in adoption. We try to work with any group that comes along. We're in close contact with the humane society and several other groups in the area. We really like to see animals get a second chance at life," said Eastern Pet Supply's Cara Lemons

Although adopting a pet who's already grown may not seem like a great choice to some, Mohr said racing greyhounds still have plenty to offer a family years after their racing days are done.

"You know, barring injury, or catastrophic injury, that's about the life. And there's plenty of life left after the race is over. Average life for a greyhound is ten

Store customers met some of the hounds that are being fostered in the area, and learned more about the adoption process.

to twelve years. They're incredibly healthy dogs," Mohr said.

Mohr said not all greyhounds are as energetic as some may think, and there's one to fit with any human. She said it's very important to be sure any dog you adopt is a good fit with your life.

For more information on how to adopt or foster these animals, you can check out their web site at the link above.

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