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Cheat Lake Animal Hospital Saves Dog's Life

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Cheat Lake -

Cheat Lake Animal Hospital (CLAH) provides care for hundreds of animals each year.  A dog named Arizona was brought in on her last breath, literally, and veterinarians at CLAH brought her back to life.

Arizona was brought to CLAH by a good Samaritan who thought she needed help. Another vet actually pronounced Arizona dead.  But when they were going to bury her, Arizona took another breath.

"One of my technicians walked back from the lobby and was carrying this limp, little, white dog and so we put her on our treatment table right away," said Dr. Amy Nicewonger, a vet at CLAH that helped saved Arizona. "I wanted to assess her to see if she was alive at that point. I listened to her heart for about 20 seconds and did not hear a heartbeat but then after a little while she took a breath."

A dog's normal temperature is about 101 degrees. After an hour and a half of warming up Arizona's temperature was only 84 degrees. The staff there wanted to name her something cold and chilly but Dr. Nicewonger said she needed a warm name.

She had many issues including being severely emaciated.

"Probably over the course of four to five hours we warmed her up with a couple different methods," Dr. Nicewonger said. "We gave her IV fluids, also some alkaloid which would help with her blood pressure. Over the course of three to four hours she started to become alert."

Arizona was alert and walking around later that night. She has made huge strides in her health and even looked like she put on some weight.

Arizona was a special case but CLAH helps animals every single day.

"We are a full service Veterinary Hospital so we basically do everything from wellness visits, animal vaccinations, spays and neuters, we have a doctor that does orthopedic surgeries," said Kelly Geese, the practice manager at CLAH. "We also have K-9 Rehabilitations so after surgeries the dogs can go through rehab."

The hospital has a few animals up for adoption and helps any companion pet that needs it.

You can donate to the Cheat Lake Animal Hospital Save Our Lives Fund to help Arizona and other animals like her:

Cheat Lake Animal Hospital's Save Our Lives Fund

286 Fairchance Rd

Morgantown, WV 26508

You can put "Arizona" in the note area.

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