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Harrison County School Bus Driver Finds Missing Marion County Boy

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A Harrison County school bus driver is a hero Thursday after finding the three-year-old boy who disappeared from his Marion County home Wednesday afternoon.

The Marion County Sheriff's Department said Harry Martin and two dogs were missing for more than three hours.

Randy Harper was searching for Martin on an ATV when he found him on a ridge, about a mile from his home.

Harper said he heard Martin was missing through a friend and wanted to help.

He said he drove his ATV into the woods, shut it off, and shouted for Martin and the two dogs.

Harper heard a dog bark and drove in that direction, repeating the process several times.

He eventually spotted the dog, which led him straight to Martin, who was sitting in the middle of a brush pile.

"I kept reassuring him that everything was ok, that I was there to help him and take him home," Harper said. "When I got him, I checked him over and he was ok. I put my coat around him. He said 'I want to go home' and I said 'we are going home'. He said 'I want to see my dad' and I said, 'you're going to see your dad.'"

Harper said he is extremely happy Martin is home and safe.

"These kids really tug at your heart strings regardless of who they are," Harper said. "No matter what, we're all family around there. When you get something that hits home like this because you read it in the news and the papers all the time, something's got to be done and its got to be done now."

He said the true hero of the story is Chewy, the dog that led him straight to Martin.

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