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Restaurant Road Trip: Tip Top Coffee Shop

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"Tip Top" is an adjective phrase meaning of the very best class or quality.

A place in Tucker County is living up to the name making everything as good as it possibly can be.

Tip Top in Thomas is a coffee bar, edibles, and spirits location where you can have those things just the way you like them.

The coffee bar which also offers food and spirits has been at its East Avenue location for about a year. Prior to that, the owners had a coffee place in Davis. For owner Cade Archuleta, Tip Top is a mixture of wonderful things for customers.

"We noticed not only us, but our customers wanted to see a little more product in this area so we decided to expand over here and move, create a space where not only you could get good coffee, but good baked goods," Archuleta said.

Archuleta said Tip Top gets its amazing coffee from a roaster in New York which sources small farms or co-ops from different countries. The coffee shop uses the hand brewed method, and when you order, you'll find that each barista on staff will make your coffee drinks like its their one great masterpiece.

"They want the customer to really understand to where that coffee comes from, and how special it is, and each coffee have their certain flavors and our hope when people come in more and more often, they can understand which type of coffees from which regions they like," Archuleta said.

Besides coffees, Tip Top offers a lunch menu, soups and on Fridays, it's burger night. Baked goods are made in house using local organic ingredients. If you're looking for a different kind of beverage, you'll find a small batch of distilled spirits and wine. Hand crafted chocolates are also offered.

Customers said the way for businesses to survive in small towns like Davis and Thomas is to cater to the locals, but be accessible and unique to the tourist community.

"I think this particular establishment as well as the others in the community, so I think if you walk and up down the streets of Thomas it's a very supportive community. It's an abundance mentality as opposed to an exclusive one," said Chris Cooper, an attorney in Tucker County.

You'll fine Tip Top Coffee Shop on Facebook and at 216 East Avenue in Thomas.  The phone number is 304-463-4455.

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