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Nutter Fort Elementary School Collecting Box Tops for Education

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Many schools in Harrison County participate in Box Tops for Education. Nutter Fort Elementary School has entered a contest, which could help it win a lot of money.

"This year, by the time school started, we had around $1,800 worth. They had started a contest called "The Sweetest School in America," and we are in the running to win that for $25,000 because as of right now, we have almost tripled our earnings" said Crystal Fugini, Box Top coordinator for Nutter Fort.

The school that increases its earnings from last year by the largest percentage will win the prize of 250,000 box tops, or $25,000. Nutter Fort had originally set a goal of $3,400 but has already passed it.

"Right now, we have around $3,900, and there is more coming in every day. I pick up at least $20, sometimes even $60 worth each day here at the school," Fugini said.

Box Tops can be found on many different brands you probably already have in your house.

"There are Box Tops on several different brands. Betty Crocker, Scott, Green Giant, and several more, and each one is worth 10 cents. All you have to do clip them out and send them into the school, and then we can redeem them for cash," said Fugini.

You can also get Box Tops just by shopping at a local grocery store.

"You can earn Box Tops with your shopper card at Kroger, or they print out with your coupons at Food Lion," Fugini said.

Fugini found creative ways to get the students involved and excited about collecting Box Tops.

"We're doing a snowball contest right now. Every 30 Box Tops you get and snowball, you get to challenge other classes to bring in more than you," said Cameron Clark, who is in the third grade at Nutter Fort.

They previously held a football-themed contest.

"You would send in Box Tops for your class, and there would be little name tags, and the first one to make it all the way across the field would win, and we brought in 1,000 for that," said Triston Lane, a fourth grader at Nutter Fort.

If Nutter Fort does win the money, it has some ideas on how it would spend it.

"We want to make sure it goes for something that the kids would really enjoy because they have worked so hard to try to win this contest," said Fugini.

All of the students in the school are very enthusiastic about winning first prize.

"We really want to win the $25,000. We're working really hard on that. We're trying to get everybody we know to send in Box Tops," said Lane.

If you would like to help Nutter Fort take first place in "The Sweetest School in America" contest, you can send Box Tops to:

Crystal Fugini, Care of: Nutter Fort Elementary School, 1302 Buckhannon Pike, Nutter Fort, WV, 26301

You can also contact Fugini by email at, or call 304-627-5852.

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