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Taylor County Basketball League Teaches Athletes Life Lessons

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When you ask someone in Grafton what makes one of their organizations different from the rest, the answer is always the same

The tight-knit community and its support.

More than 100 kids flood inside of a Taylor County gymnasium throughout the winter to play the game of basketball and to learn life lessons.

"You need to work as a team and be cooperative with your teammates," said Dylan Massie, a Biddy Basketball Player.

These words are a lesson learned from Ronald Knotts, known to the community as "Homer".

Knotts died two years ago and left behind a legacy of getting the youth involved in sports.

"Homer loved the kids, loved the kids," said Biddy League, a Biddy League referee. "I would say he was Grafton's number one citizen."

Knotts was the chairman of Biddy League until the day he died.

The title was passed on to Scott Wright, who also has a special connection to the game.

"I played Biddy League here and I'm almost 50 in this same building," Wright said. "We've been here a long time."

The league consists of multiple co-ed teams ranging from first to sixth grade.

Some said it's a great way to get the youth involved in sports, while keeping them out of trouble.

"The help that we get from the community, being involved with the kids; it's something special," Wright said. "It keeps them off the street, gives them something to do."

Some kids said the league has taught them a lot and is getting them one step closer to their future.

The Wright's said the league has been around for dozens of years and has no intentions of going anywhere anytime soon.

If you would like to get your child involved next year, you can visit the Biddy League Facebook page.

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