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Morgantown High Band Returns Following Rose Bowl Parade Performance

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The Morgantown High Marching band participated in the 124th Tournament of Roses Parade on New Year's Day.

On December 27, students in the Red and Blue Marching band loaded busses and headed off to Pasadena, Ca., Thursday night they band returned after eight eventful days.

"We were busy a lot, and didn't get much sleep, but it was worth it," said sophomore Maxy Jones.

Busy may be an understatement for a band that squeezed in practice, Disney, a field show and a list of other attractions.

"We went to Santa Monica, we went to the pier and got to do a little shopping, we went to the Reagan Library and the Grammy Museum. Oh, and we marched in the Rose Bowl Parade," said Clair Gray, a sophomore.

The five and a half mile march took around two hours to complete.

"It felt really long," said Jones, "everything started to blur together. You're getting tired, and you think it's almost over and then someone yells, ‘You're half way there!' But it was really fun and worth it."

"About half way through, there was a really low quiet roar, and a B-2 Stealth Bomber flies overhead. Everyone in the crowd freaked out about it, it was really cool," said sophomore drummer Logan Chapman.

The entire band, more than 250 members, finished each step of the parade.

While they may have been the only Mohigans in California, West Virginia spirit was with them.

"We just finished Country Roads, and I didn't expect anyone to know us there, but someone stood up and yelled, right when we walked past, ‘Country Roads take me home!' It was really cool," said Jones.

"We could see them coming down the street at a distance," said a parent Aletha Gray. "And all the parents started standing up, and screaming. Everyone had their camera's out, and it was just amazing to see them."

The band arrived home Thursday night. Many happy to be in Morgantown .

Band Director Keith Reed said the trip was a tremendous experience.

"It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for the kids," said Reed. "So many of them had never been on airplanes, they had never been out there (California) to experience that, be on the beach, to see the Reagan Library, to experience all the things, and be with their friends. It was absolutely awesome for them."

"It was really great, and I know I'm never going to forget it," said Clair Gray.

To see the band's field show and Disney Parade video visit the band's web site.

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