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Monongalia County Courthouse Welcomes Newly Elected Officials

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The Monongalia County Courthouse welcomed plenty of new faces on January 2 for the newly elected officials' first day.

Many of them explained what they're looking forward to accomplishing in the new year and how they were feeling the first day on the job.

"I was extremely nervous, I will admit but Bill Bartolo and Eldon Callen made it very comfortable for me to as we got into. I think what you're going to see is that I'm a very proactive commissioner," said county commissioner, Tom Bloom. "I have some issues that I think are very important for the county and we had some agreements and you saw we had some disagreements."

The County Commission meeting was Bloom's first official duty as a new commissioner. He brought up issues be believes will be a big deal during his six years in office.

Mark Musick, the new county assessor, also had his first official day but he's been learning the ropes for the past few weeks.

"I've actually been fortunate enough to be here over a month as a part time basis," said Musick. "Our former assessor, Mr. Pyles, brought me on as a part time basis and gave me the opportunity to meet with staff and meet with him to go over things and help with the transition and make it a little bit easier."

Musick said he's looking forward to working with the staff and fine tuning their policies.

"We want to implement to help out the tax payers which helps us out in a sense of implementing kind of a satisfaction survey for the taxpayers to come in," said Musick. "We just want to see how well we're doing and if there's things we're good at we want to continue and get stronger and if things aren't so good we want to get them stronger."

Bloom also discussed that he wants the cities in Monongalia County to be able to work together.

"My goal would be to consolidate some services so we don't have five individuals doing the same thing and hopefully we can save some money, fiscal responsibility,' Bloom said. "And move forward. And I'm really excited to represent the people."

One other noteworthy change at the Monongalia County Courthouse was Bill Bartolo handing over the County Commission presidency to fellow commissioner Eldon Callen.

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