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Local Residents React to Fiscal Cliff Deal

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America has gone over the fiscal cliff and now the country is awaiting another vote in congress. Early Tuesday morning, the senate passed a plan preventing middle class tax increases. The house has not voted on the plan.

One Morgantown resident said she won't trust anything until the last signature is signed.

"You can say there's a deal but until there's signatures and put in force and being done, you can go back on a deal," said Tonya Hicks, the manager at Volcano WV. "The House has to approve it and the Senate has to approve it. There's too much involved."

Tonya Hicks considers herself a middle class worker.

She has two children and said that the fiscal cliff makes her worry about what she will be able to provide for her family.

"It's hard these days," Hicks said. "Everybody works pay check to pay check and with the fiscal cliff that's going to make it even harder for us to work pay check to pay check so it's scary to say the least."

An agreement will hopefully avoid broad tax increases for the middle class like the Hicks'. The House of Representatives is expected to vote before Wednesday.

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