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Marion County Habitat for Humanity Breaks Ground on 11th House

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Monday's groundbreaking ceremony started the Marion County Habitat for Humanity's 11th house build. It also celebrated 25 years of Habitat being in West Virginia. That's not the only unique thing about this particular house.

"We're doing it in partnership with various first responders and we're hoping to get more on board," said Teri Dalton, the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity in Marion County. "But the volunteer fire department has signed on and we're really excited for their partnership and their help with the project because we're always in need of volunteers."

They've named the house "The Rescue Build" in honor of the first responders.

Habitat for Humanity Houses are built 90 percent from volunteer work.

"To have an organization like this, the first responders to be a partner in this particular situation, it's a magnificent opportunity for us," said Charles Shields, the President of the Board of Directors for the Marion County Habitat for Humanity. "It's a great resource that we can draw on and we're really pleased that they agreed to do this."

The next step in the process for building the house is to clear the land and build the foundation.

"We don't have a family selected as of yet but hopefully before we start the foundation we will have that," said Dalton. "And we're really excited to be building simple, decent, affordable housing."

The process isn't as simple as just picking a family to move in. Before the family can own the home they have to go through credit counseling and contribute time to the build.

"I think one of the misconceptions people have is that habitat houses are gifts and they're not," Shields said. "The families who are involved with this they are carefully screened."

Volunteers are needed in most phases of construction but do not need construction experience. They depend on volunteer committees for support with projects like Family Selection, Family Support, Public Relations, Construction Skills Training, and Volunteer Services. They also offer opportunities in our ReStore, a volunteer-run building materials recycling center.

If you are interested in volunteering visit their web site or call them at 352-351-4663.

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