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Morgantown Stores Pleased With Holiday Sales

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The Associated Press said holiday sales growth was at its weakest since 2008 across the country. But with a strong focus on local spending, did local small businesses see the same drop?

"I think that we saw about the same as it was last year. I think all things considered that's pretty good," said Charles McEwuen of Tanner's alley.

The buy local campaign was as strong as ever during this holiday shopping year, driven by American Express's Small Business Saturday.

"It was very successful for us, it brought us a lot of people down here and they were telling us, specifically, they were supporting our local community," said McEwuen.

The handmade leather store stores said its made in Morgantown products are a rare find, and were a popular buy for shoppers.

"In this day and age it's so hard to find anything made in the United States, let alone right here in your home town, so whenever you find some whenever they can find something that's, made right here locally, and be able to talk to the person who made it, it really means more to give that sort of thing as a gift," said McEwuen.

On the other end of High Street, Pathfinder said the holiday season was a good one.

The outdoors store said that the early winter weather has played a role, but notes that more and more people are beginning to understand the benefits of having local experts in stores.

"Having access to the expertise that we can provide is going to allow you to get the right equipment, which will allow you to enjoy yourself more and progress more in whatever sport you choose to participate in," said James Braswell of Pathfinder.

Along with the expertise, Braswell said many small business employees are usually passionate about their products.

"All of the employees that work here, have worked here for a long time," said Braswell. "They're people that wanted to work here not just because they were looking for a job, but because they are passionate about one or several of the activities that we promote."

The MasterCard Advisors SpendingPulse said national sales rose just .7 percent in the two months before Christmas.

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